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Chiropractic has been absolutely essential to the health of our family.  When we have had serious back pain issues in the past, ranging from shoulder blade aches, to numbness in the feet, or lower back stabs and tingles, chiropractic has quickly brought the discomfort under control and long term relief on the way.  Dr. Daniel Champagne of Mosier Chiropractic and Rehabilitation has been our primary care giver in this arena for the past year and we have all benefited from the disciplined,  thoughtful and thorough approach he has brought to our treatment.  Professional and effective, Mosier Chiropractic and Rehabilitation comes highly recommended by the Morsbach family.

Mark, Doreen and Rylan Morsbach


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It is my pleasure to endorse Dr. Daniel Champagne of Mosier Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.  Over the past twenty-five years  his chiropractic skills and advanced study have helped me to maintain a holistic and healthy attitude toward the care of my body.

Joyce O., S. Hadley



Over the years I have had several back and neck problems which Dr. Dan has always been able to help correct.

I have had several people say to me,"I don't believe in chiropractors" I always answer, what's to believe in he's not a God or a religion.  Dr. Dan is just a great man that has magic hands.

Dr. Dan is an incredible doctor, who is very attentive to his patients concerns.  His knowledge of the human body is very impressive.

Dr. Dan I want to let you know how much I appreciate you.  Thank You for helping me be a happier, healthier person.

I totally recommend Dr. Champagne to anybody young or older.

Donna B. , Palmer


Since the 1980's Dr. Champagne has served us well.  My husband and I and our daughter have been under Dr. Champagne's Chiropractic care.  He has become our family physician!  I have referred friends to him and will continue to do so.

Mary S. , Holyoke



Thirty years ago on Christmas Eve my wife and I retired for the evening.  I was turning over in bed and suffered a severe back spasm, and after suffering thru a painful, sleepless night, I arose in the morning, hardly able to move with pain.  I spent Christmas morning attempting to walk with a walker, but was still suffering severe pain.


I had read that there was a new chiropractor in town, and asked my wife to call him,to see if he might be available, to our surprise, he agreed to see me.


I had a difficult time walking into his office, with a walker.  After Dr. Champagne made the adjustment, I was able to walk out of his office, not pain free, but much better than I arrived.  Two more visits, in the following week, I was pain free and able to return to work.


From that day on, I have returned to Dr. Champagne, every six months for adjustments.  Although thirty years have passed I hve never suffered any severe back pain, thanks to the periodic visits with Dr. Champagne.


A Thankful Patient,


Jack S., S. Hadley


We went to Dr. Champagne for the first time back in 1999 I think in desperation when I couldn't get out of bed.  He suggested an MRI, which revealed a herniated disc in my lower back.  Wanting to avoid surgery, I embarked on six months of care with Dr. C.  The end result is a repaired injury without cutting.  During that time Dave thought he'd 'give it a try' too.  He does a good deal of heavy lifting in his projects - fine carpentry & restoration work.  He found his lower back didn't ache at the end of every day,  after some adjustments by the doc.  One thing he didn't anticipate was miraculously, his chronic heartburn vanished.  Now that both of us maintain our spinal health with routine visits, we're able to do things that, in the 'old days' would have left us stiff and aching, with no problems.  We offer up chiropractic care to any of our friends who have any sort o back or neck issues, and many come back weeks later saying, 'thanks! I never would have thought...' Chiropractic has proven, in our experience, not to be just for backs' anymore and we intend to maintain our health with Dr. C for as long as he is around.  We Thank You and Sherrie for your help over the years and hope you'll be here as long as we are!

Cathi W., Granby

There was a time that I was skeptical about chiropractic care.  That is, until I witnessed how my wife's life was significantly improved through the care of Dr. Champagne.  So significantly that I decided to check it out for myself because I was having headaches.  In a relatively short amount of time, the headaches were gone and one of the amazing benefits that I did not foresee has been that the heartburn that I had for most of my adult life was gone, too.

No more antacids, no more headaches - I am sold on regular chiropractic care.  At fifty-six my blood pressure is right where it is supposed to be, my cholesterol levels are right where they are supposed to be, no anti-depressants.  While scheduling my recent colonoscopy the doctor's office said to bring in a "list" of all the medications I am taking.  I joked, telling them that would be easy - none.  Coincidence?  In my opinion, it isn't a coincidence.  Chiropractic care is something I truly believe in now and Dr. Champagne is one of the most compassionate and caring medical professional I have ever known.

Dave W., Granby 


The entire Robinson Family is grateful to Dr. Champagne for all he has done for our Mother, Barbara Robinson.  She suffers from severe scoliosis.  Since Dr. Champagne's adjustments he has greatly improved the quality of her life.  Thank you.

The Robinson Family


I am now 76 years old and have had Dr. Champagne provide care for my lower back for over 25 years.  Whenever my back begins to signal trouble, I call Dan and one adjustment returns it to its proper place, pain free.  My wife also had Dr. Champagne maintain her back.  We trust Dr Champagne’s diagnostic and treatment judgment and recommend him without qualification.


Al and Maureen Bail

I was in a car accident in March of 1999 which herniated a disc in my neck.  After a couple of MRI's  and much arguing with the doctors they finally found it.  I had severe headaches everyday and was in constant pain.  The doctor sent me to physical therapy which made it unbelievably worse.

My boyfriend (at the time-now husband) swore by Dr. Champagne and told me to see him so I did.  It was a long road but I started feeling relief after the first visit.  Due to insurance reasons, I had to stop seeing him for regular adjustments.  So I started seeing a different chiropractor.  I started having muscle spasms and had a lot of pain in my neck,shoulder and arm.  I went back to the doctors.  They did a new round of tests as over 10 years had passed since the original MRI.  They found the disc was at he point of rupturing.  I showed the neurologists the current and past MRI films.  He said he could see how the physical therapy had caused more pain.  After nerve testing showed there was no nerve damage the neurologist recommended physical therapy instead of surgery.  I asked him why he thought physical therapy would help since in our last meeting he said he understood why it made it worse.  His response was "We'll send you to some good ones now."  UNBELIEVABLE!

My husband and I discussed it and agreed that I needed to go back to Dr. Dan even if the insurance didn't cover it!  Once again, after the first visit I was already feeling better!  Back to riding the motorcycle with my husband and continuing our work with the American Legion Post 338!  That's it for me...I'm sticking with Dr. Dan!

Thank you very much Dr. Dan and Sherrie!

Dayle K. , Chicopee, MA

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