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NuLean Weight Loss Products

The NuLean Weight Loss System is a safe and natural alternative to pre-packed food and counting points and calories.  The reason most other systems fail is that they do not cleanse the body of harmful toxins, which are “magnets” for fat.  Our NuLean Counselor will show you how NuLean removes those toxins and how to choose the foods that will keep your body clean.  You are guaranteed to lose weight with NuLean and keep it off.  Best of all, NuLean products do not interfere with medications, are safe for those with metabolic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid conditions, and is doctor endorsed!  Call Sherrie to find out how she lost over 50 lbs on NuLean and kept it off.  Our consultations are free. You will be glad you called.

The following NuLean products are available at Dr. Dan Champagne’s Healthy Living at The Commons.


  • Super Cleanse

Primarily herbal extracts, amino acids, and vitamins, NuLean Super Cleanse consists of a synergistic blend of life-giving nutrients designed to cleanse the body of impurities. 

  • Super Protein Powders

NuLean Super Protein is a proprietary blend of proteins, fibers, and digestive aids to act as a nutritious meal replacement and assist in losing weight, maintaining muscle mass, and energizing the cells. Available in chocolate and vanilla.  This is a perfectly balanced all-natural meal replacement. Nutrient dense and delicious.

  • Quick Burn Capsules

NuLean Quick Burn contains over twenty-five botanical herbs, fruit, vegetable extracts combined with an array of vitamins, and minerals formulated to revitalize the metabolism.  Stabilizes your metabolism so that the body does not fall back into the sluggish condition, which caused you to put weight on in the first place. 

  • Power Cleanse

This is a highly concentrated liquid cleanse that you take each morning and evening one week at a time.  This product helps you to continue to lose weight.

  • Next Generation Greens

This is a superior food formulation derived from whole food sources.  It is designed for maximum absorption and has the highest antioxidant rating possible.  Each serving provides the antioxidant equivalent of five servings of 32 fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Colon Cleanse

This product is used to help the body get rid of the sludge that is being held onto.  It is a good practice to cleanse the colon, especially if one experiences constipation while taking NuLean Weight Loss Products.

  • Optimum Energy and Stress Relief Capsules 

This product gives you more energy when you need it and helps you to relax.  NuLean Optimum Energy does not stimulate your system; rather it works to reduce the stress that is robbing your energy.


Ludlow Chiropractor | Ludlow chiropractic NuLean Weight Loss Products |  MA |
Ludlow Chiropractor | Ludlow chiropractic NuLean Weight Loss Products |  MA |
Ludlow Chiropractor | Ludlow chiropractic NuLean Weight Loss Products |  MA |
Ludlow Chiropractor | Ludlow chiropractic NuLean Weight Loss Products |  MA |